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+ Website Copywriting

+ Social Media Management

+ Content Creation

"I've been working with Jasmine on the development of Untraced for a year. She is involved in everything related to marketing and copywriting.

Jasmine helps me a lot to work on the brand image and to find the right words to communicate. She is very available and motivated. It's a pleasure to work with her!"

     - Arthur Aoust, Founder of Untraced


+ Website Copywriting
During my time with Untraced Golfing, I was consistently editing and writing content for the e-commerce website. Copywriting included blog posts, product descriptions, about pages, statements about ongoing sustainability projects, and more. Everything I’ve written and edited for Untraced can be found on

+ Social Media Management

Managing the Instagram and Facebook accounts for Untraced Golfing included editing content in Photoshop, scheduling content in Later, publishing all posts, responding to comments and messages, and more.

Content Creation for FW 2021/2022

For my first season with Untraced Golfing, the brand's founder, Arthur Aoust, gave me the creative freedom to edit all campaign images. I added surrealism to the brand to make the images stand out from every other golf brand campaign on the internet. It was especially important to get the message across that Untraced is a fashion-forward, art-centered golf wear brand.

+ Content Creation for SS 2022

For the Spring/Summer season, we decided to saturate the colors and maintain the same level of surrealism as the previous season. The trick we were playing was to make people stop scrolling and ponder if the image was real or fake. 

+ Content Creation for FW 2022/2023
Untraced Golfing is investing more in the circular economy, believing this is the only way the fashion industry can contribute to halting climate change. To get our point across, we launched the ‘Imagine Golf Without Greens’ campaign to show golfers that if climate change continued, there would be no water left to water their precious golf greens.