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My bra story has been stagnant - until now

Blog post written by Jasmine Hirtz for Ebony & Ivory Lingerie

My bra story begins with me begging my mom to take me to the mall, sound familiar? It was a glittery lingerie shop and I had no idea what cup size defined me, they measured me up and labeled me appropriately. I purchased a few underwire push-up bras so I could get that extra-unnatural look that all the girls were talking about. This style of bra from this store seemed like it was my only option, so I went for it.

I went bra shopping maybe once or twice more in my early adulthood and picked up a couple of lacey pieces and - now for the embarrassing part - I still wear these bras so, so, so many years later. If we fast forward to who I am today, I haven’t felt the same desire as my teenage self to return to the push-up haven nor have I searched for an alternative. My bra story has been stagnant - until now.

Those lacy pieces I told you about were getting old, the straps were stretched out, that trusty underwire was poking out of its casing. It was time to get myself a new bra. When I opened up a pandoras box of lingerie brands I was shocked at how many options I had in front of me. The idea of ‘nude’ has been completely redefined. There are brands solely dedicated to getting skin tones right and then painting their lingerie in these tones. This lets people of colour feel seen and for a teenager beginning to define themselves and go bra shopping, they’re being told they don’t have to be beige to be beautiful.

The size range of breasts is also being seen. Brands are now offering up to an 80-piece size range. This means in one bra design there are 80 different women being considered. Brands like these are switching up the game by widening the variety of people they are able to serve while keeping the product range narrow.

The best part about shopping for lingerie in 2020 has been seeing such a variety of human beings modeling the styles. Scrolling through online lingerie shops means seeing every body type, skin tone, hairstyle, nail colour, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and so much more. It feels like everybody and their cousin were invited to the party and the gathering is positively beautiful. This level of diversity I have never seen before in any corner of the fashion industry. I couldn’t believe that the lingerie sector – the most revealing of them all – was at the forefront of this inclusive movement.

The role of women in society has changed drastically from what older lingerie retailers have been serving and this is why the industry has changed. Women are no longer confined to the sex goddess and housewife stereotypes, nowadays we’re leaders, activists, caregivers, overall; we’re busy. At Ebony & Ivory, we make lingerie for women who need to be supported for these extra-long days of going to work and then the gym and then out for cocktails with their friends. The women of today are diverse in body type and diverse in lifestyle, it is the women of today whom we aim to serve.


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