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I launched No Cure Apparel in 2014 in Vancouver, Canada. Although this brand was my pride and joy for many years, I chose to halt production in 2019. Here is a celebration of the campaigns, catalog shoots, fashion shows, and videos I’ve produced throughout the brand’s lifespan. I collaborated with many talented artists; cheers to those who I’ve worked with for fully embodying what it meant to have No Cure.

Spring 2014 - Campaign Video


This was the first piece of content ever made for No Cure Apparel. It remains the best representation of the No Cure brand because it focuses on riders having a blast in the terrain park on Whistler Mountain. It’s the lifestyle of living for the mountain that inspired No Cure’s best-selling style; the waterproof tall hoodie. 

Producer: Jasmine Hirtz
Videographer: LC Pilon
Rider: Jeremy Quiron
Location: Whistler, Canada

FW 2016/2017 Suit Circus Campaign


When this collection was being produced, a few friends and I were driving from Vancouver to Whistler every weekend, and it felt like I was running away to join the circus every time. The cities are close in proximity but lightyears away in lifestyle. Guys all had long hair, clothing was over-over-over-sized, and riders wore goggle tans with pride; these and other forms of abnormality surrounded us. It was a great escape, just like the circus, and so the Suit Circus Collection was born. 

Producer: Jasmine Hirtz

Photographer: Andrea Wardrop

Make up / Hair: Ana Contreras

Models: Malcolm Solis & Stephanie Ingram

Artwork: Andrew Oliver

Location: Vancouver, Canada

FW 2017/2018 Meet-Cute Campaign


The campaign was inspired by those moments we’ve all experience of being attracted to a total stranger during a mundane moment like shopping at a convenience store or waiting for the next train. This campaign shoot was done to showcase the embroidered jackets that were added to the No Cure Apparel selection. Also, the images were used on promotional materials for the brand’s upcoming fashion show in Berlin, Germany.

Producer: Jasmine Hirtz

Makeup / Hair: Jennifer Williams

Photographer: Jackie Dali

Models: Hasan & Ann-Sophie

FW 2017/2018 Fashion Show


No Cure Apparel was available for purchase at the clothing shop called Studio183 for the FW 17/18 season. To officially announce this new partnership, we threw a launch party and fashion show in the store. There were over 50 people in the audience and even more on the street who were watching through the picture windows. We threw an after-party a few blocks away at Mein Haus am See, with live music and DJ sets all night long. This was the largest event ever produced by No Cure Apparel, it was truly a night to be proud of for the entire team.

Producer: Jasmine Hirtz
Photographer: Jackie Dali, Dina Vainchtein, and Raffaele Fele
Videographer: Koray Kaya
Models: Leandra Haupt, Leila Waithera, Mi Nani, Spencer Froelick, and Salim Agic
Makeup: Angela Knorr
Hair: Jennifer Williams and Jasmine Hirtz

Location: Berlin, Germany

FW 2017/2018 Catalogue Photoshoot


This catalog shoot was meant to document every waterproof hoodie and hand-embroidered jacket before they would eventually be sold in the online shop. No Cure Apparel had always done small batch production, and the majority of the styles were one-of-a-kind, so it was important to photograph the details in case the team ever wanted to recreate them in the future. Enjoy a close look at the embroidered creatures, hand-painted stripes, and signature oversized silhouettes. 

Producer: Jasmine Hirtz

Photographer: Jackie Dali

Models: Salim Agic and Gaja Vičič

Location: Berlin, Germany